**Save 50% off 1st Box with Code: LOVE50**

**Save 50% off 1st Box with Code: LOVE50**

Cancel Your Subscription

Need to cancel your subscription? It's easy! Send us an email to info@thepleasurepantry.com and let us know you want to cancel. Don't forget to include the information the subscription bills under. (First name, Last name, and email address) We will be sure to handle this for you and send you an email confirmation once it is done.

Subscriptions with auto renew will bill on the same day of the month the subscription was initiated.  For example, if a subscription was initiated on the 2nd of the month you can expect your subscription to auto renew on the 2nd of the following month.

*Please Note* 3 Month, and 6 Month subscriptions paid in full up front will automatically cancel themselves after the last box ships. These subscriptions do not need to be canceled as they WILL cancel themselves and DO NOT auto renew.

Please email us at info@thepleasurepantry.com with any questions regarding your subscription or billing. All inquiries, cancellations, and necessary refunds will be processed within 72 hours.

Please note no refunds will be given on subscriptions paid in full upfront as they receive promotional pricing